In addition to nutritional and lifestyle counseling here are some specific therapies offered at Mountain Sage Medicine:

  • Biotherapeutic Drainage:

    Biotherapeutic drainage is a combination of low dose botanical medicines and homeopathic doses of plants, minerals and metals to help your body physiologically release toxins. While it is similar to “detoxification”, detoxification implies “pushing or pulling” toxins out of the body forcing the upper limits of the body’s elimination capacity. Biotherapeutic drainage works to gently support your body systems to function at a normal and natural physiological rate. Biotherapeutic drainage causes the least amount of stress on the body to both restore normal function and release toxins.

    As environmental toxicity is increasing public health experts warn of the impact industrial toxicity has on human health, particularly the endocrine and nervous systems. These toxic exposures that we all experience at varying levels, can accumulate toxins in our body and facilitate chronic illness. In addition to environmental exposures our own body produces toxic byproducts of metabolism from stress and poor nutrition that need to be eliminated. Biotherapeutic Drainage works to help your body efficiently eliminate through normal routes: Lung (respiration, acid base balance), digestive tract (digestion, absorption, bowel movements to eliminate metabolic wastes), and Kidneys (mineral balance, acid/ base balance, urination of metabolic wastes). Improper elimination results in accumulated toxicity in the body.

    Biotherapeutic Drainage primarily consists of remedies called The Unda Numbered Compounds. These unique remedies allow the body to deal with this accumulated toxicity. Each unda numbered compound was formulated in Europe in the early 1900’s. Each number is designed to target a specific organ or system to help restore function and promote intracellular and extracellular elimination. These remedies are a remarkable adjunct to facilitate self-healing.

    Clinically we have found this to be powerful and profound medicine. Single-handedly this therapy is our passion. We have seen this therapy assist people in life transformation and deep self discovery.

  • Craniosacral Therapy:

    Craniosacral is a form of bodywork that helps regulate the flow of cerebral spinal fluid through the use of light touch to manipulate the craniosacral system. The craniosacral system consists of the membranes that form the meninges of the brain and spinal cord (down to the sacrum), the bones of the skull to which the membranes attach, other structures related to the meninges, the cerebrospinal fluid, and the structures that produce, contain and resorb the cerebrospinal fluid. The cornerstone of the craniosacral system is that the bones of the skull are able to subtly move as the cerebrospinal fluid moves through the membranes.

    While this information is not accepted by all health care professionals, the Craniosacral treatment is based on this finding and on the literature that has developed around the research using the craniosacral theories. Clinically it has been useful for conditions such as headaches, sinus problems, anxiety, stress, releasing tension from physical trauma, releasing emotional tension, and pain relief. People often experience a deep sense of relaxation, and can enter into a dream like state. Dr. Silapie combines her training in craniosacral with her training in reiki and intuitive counseling to help you relax and become aware of your healing path.

  • Aromatic Lymphatic Therapy (Raindrop):

    Specific, therapeutic grade essential oils are applied to the soles of the feet (reflexology) and along the spine to help balance the immune system and nervous system. Light skin strokes along the spine help to stimulate the lymphatic (immune) system. Particular essential oils can help with pain relief, antimicrobial action, muscle relaxation, exert warming action, and general calming effects. Since essential oils are “oil loving” they tend to be absorbed well through the skin. In addition to the physical therapeutic effects, essential oils can have a multitude of aromatic effects on our memory and mood. Our olfactory bulb is part of our limbic system which is known as our “emotional brain”. The olfactory bulb can trigger the amygdala (part of the brain that processes emotion) and the hippocampus (the part of the brain responsible for associative learning).

    Many studies suggest that chronic illness can be associated with latent viruses “hiding” in our body. Viruses known to stay in the body include Epstein Barr Virus and Herpes Virus Family (including chicken pox, and herpes simplex). Scientific research in medicine has shown that certain illnesses such as Multiple Sclerosis or particular cancers are associated with latent viral infections. Research continues to be done to determine if the viruses are causative or if they trigger disease related symptoms. Application of essential oils that are known to have antimicrobial effects may be beneficial in supporting the immune system. Essential oils applied during Aromatic Lymphatic Therapy include a balancing combination blend of spruce, rosewood, blue tansy and frankincense; oregano; thyme; basil; wintergreen; marjoram; cypress; peppermint; a muscle relaxing blend containing basil, marjoram, lavender, peppermint and cypress); a massage blend containing wintergreen, juniper, marjoram, red thyme, vetiver, peppermint, eucalyptus, and lemongrass. Oils used are therapeutic grade from Young Living.

  • Sublingual Immunotherapy:

    Sublingual Immunotherapy is a treatment protocol designed to help eliminate or reduce reaction to seasonal allergies. An allergic reaction is all about the immune system. There are many factors involved when the body decides to mount an immune response to an environmental allergen. While there are many things like diet, gut health, immune health, and reducing environmental exposures, sometimes that is not enough. Sublingual immunotherapy delivers small doses of the allergen to your body through absorption from the digestive tract. This works similarly to injection therapy in which a small dose of allergen is injected into your body, however it is less invasive.

    Believe it or not our digestive tract is extremely important for modulating our immune system and immune response. (Just think of babies building their immune system by putting everything in their mouth.) Introducing an allergen in small doses through digestive tract absorption can alter your long term immune response so that you are no longer allergic. Immunotherapy is by prescription, based on your specific allergens as determined by a blood test. Allergen testing along with immunotherapy prescription and follow-up can be done through Mountain Sage Medicine.

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