• What is wellness?:

    Wellness is a state of feeling balanced, centered and joyful about life and health. It is a place when an individual understands their body and the environment around them provides complete nourishment. Wellness is a state of mind that has a trickle down effect on the body. Creating a high sense of wellness is the primary goal at Mountain Sage Medicine.

  • What is biotherapeutic drainage?:

    For the internal body to function properly, the cells of our body need to communicate through neurotransmitters, hormones, and immune system. Communication becomes altered with repeated exposures to toxins or unhealthy emotional patterns in our lives. When cellular communication is altered, we begin to experience signs, symptoms and disease. Therapeutic drainage is technique that combines homeopathy and botanical medicines that work synergistically in order to promote healthy cellular communication and thereby restore health and wellbeing to the body. It is a modality that works to enhance the normal physiology of the body by supporting the system, it’s natural function, and removing waste products that interfere with proper physiology. It facilitates “detoxification”, while promoting normal function and restoration.

  • Can I replace my medications with natural substances?:

    Not all medications can be substituted with natural substances. The goal is to understand why you need a medication. Sometimes understanding and working at the cause of an illness can result in the elimination of medication. Sometimes there are natural substances that have reduced side effects. The goal is not to stop one thing to start another. The goal is to understand the body, and to support the body’s innate wisdom toward health and healing. In addition it is important to know that natural medicines also contain compounds that may interact with other compounds. People can have reaction to natural modalities. It is also important to make sure that natural medicines do not interact with pharmaceutical medicines. When using natural therapies such as herbs or homeopathy it is important to be guided by a trained physician. It is also important to realize that all vitamins and supplements are not created equal. Product choice should be made by first evaluating quality, purity, and absorbability.

  • How long will it take for me to get better?:

    Each individual is different and has different requirements for health. The goal for everyone is wellness. People may start to feel better right away, although the ultimate sense of wellbeing may take years.

  • If I am not sick why is it recommended I visit the doctor?:

    Sickness is a sign of disharmony. Never being sick is also a sign of disharmony. Oftentimes people believe that there is only disharmony if they have symptoms. However, it is also important to support the body completely in order to maintain wellness. This is also known as prevention. Prevention can be seen as screening such as colonoscopies, mammograms, wellwoman exams, etc. Chronic symptoms, such as allergies, fatigue, depression, weight gain, weight loss, acne, gastro intestinal upset, are also important clues to disharmony. Paying attention to the body in a relatively benign state can help fortify the body against chronic debilitating conditions.

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