Natural medicine and the impacts of our mission are best fulfilled if someone adopts the lifestyle early in life—therefore children and their parents and mothers-to-be are the primary groups we work with. However, we can help any person with chronic symptoms or disease or who is looking to prevent chronic disease. Regardless of age or gender, our ideal patient is committed, curious, capable and open to change.

The importance of working with children and parents

After working with hundreds of people, we’ve become convinced that many illnesses stem from beliefs, behaviors, and experiences that have occurred during childhood. If we can create a harmonious and healthy path for young people with their parents acting as healthy role models, we truly believe we will see an increase in happiness, wellbeing, inspiration and sustainable innovation throughout the world. We can have a growing cohort of people with compassion, creativity, confidence, and self-love who feel good in their mind and body with the ability to connect fully with others (both people and nature). We can create an existence in which every moment of life is deeply celebrated in merriment, wonder and amazement. This is how we reduce disease. Healthy role-modeling and self-love starts with understanding how our choices impact our experience and then actively choose what we put in and around our body to shape life experiences rooted in love.

Your Probability of success

You will be most successful working with us if you are:

  • Open and willing to change.

  • Curious to discover the root cause of your ailments.

  • Able to recognize that health requires change and that change requires time.

  • An active participant in your health.

  • Committed to feeling better.

  • Willing to invest time and resources into your health.

  • Understanding of the physician’s role in your health.

A physician’s role in your success

A competent physician does far more than diagnose and prescribe. He or she is also working to:

  • Actively listen to you and your health concerns.

  • Educate you.

  • Be medically knowledgeable.

  • Provide you with recommendations for success.

  • Discover root cause of your ailments.

  • Promote accountability.

  • Provide encouragement and supportive tools.

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