Going to the doctor is a vulnerable experience. You are asked to share private information about your health with a person you don’t know very well. The things you share might be aspects about yourself that no one else knows or don’t even want to admit to yourself. For many people, talking about depression, the consistency of your stool, your libido, your relationships, or even changes you are experiencing in your body can be very challenging.

You are asking for help which is difficult for many people to do. Asking for help can bring up feelings of failure, of weakness, of being less than “enough” because you can’t—for whatever reason—resolve this issue on your own. Asking for help means that you’re asking someone to make a commitment to you, a commitment that they might not accept or might break. Ultimately it’s a risk and that’s why asking for help can leave you feeling exposed and vulnerable.

You might also receive information that is hard to understand or accept. I have found the most vulnerable experience at a doctor’s office is receiving a difficult diagnosis. That vulnerability can stem from learned shame, fear of judgment, fear of loss or a feeling of powerlessness.

I recognize that when you come to see me, you might be in this tender place of vulnerability and we honor that tenderness. We have an entrance questionnaire in which we ask people about their expectations of me as their doctor. The majority of people say they want a doctor who listens and who is honest. My practice provides ample one-on-one time with a patient to really hear what is going on in a person’s life that is impacting their health. In that time I listen and educate to both ease fears and promote empowered health. Every person has a story that needs to be heard and supported in order to break through health-depleting barriers. It takes time to listen and to build trust. But listening and trust are critical for easing a vulnerable experience.

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