A healthy and harmonious world is a product of healthy and harmonious individuals. If you have a strong sense of well being through personal health, you have a greater capacity for compassion and can joyfully celebrate life. When you practice self-love and self-care, you are able to connect peacefully with others and with the natural world. Wellness and wellbeing allow you to feel more purposeful and free to design your optimal life.

We believe personal health goes well beyond the person. If you desire a joyous life but feel stuck, our work helps to clear the obstacles. Ultimately our purpose is to help people discover, unveil, create, perpetuate, propel, evolve, connect to and advance love in their day to day lives.

  • Jennifer Silapie, ND.:

    Founder of Mountain Sage Medicine and practicing Naturopathic physician

    Dr. Jennifer Silapie has been practicing Naturopathic medicine since 2009 through Mountain Sage Medicine. As a former research associate for a biopharmaceutical company which specialized in anti-cancer therapeutics, she brings with her a pragmatic approach to natural healthcare. Dr. Silapie has also had additional training in craniosacral technique, intuitive counseling, and extensive mentorship in biotherapeutic drainage techniques. Read more about Dr. Silapie’s background.

  • Lisa Hill:

    Office manager and receptionist extraordinaire

    Lisa has a Master’s degree in Acupuncture which affords her a general understanding and knowledge of holistic and natural medicine. Her care and compassion for people and her unique ability to understand the importance and impact of natural medicine helps Mountain Sage Medicine run smoothly. Outside of the office Lisa is an outdoor enthusiast and animal lover.

Our location

Our primary clinic is located in White Salmon, WA. We also see patients at our office in Goldendale, WA, about 45 miles to the northeast. Both locations are part of the Columbia River Gorge, a national scenic area and a natural well of beauty. The Columbia Gorge provides many opportunities for healthy living and wellbeing from its wilderness trails, outdoor activities, fresh air and fresh water to the abundance of locally farmed, organic foods and its strong sense of community. Having access to these things is incredibly important to our personal health and wellbeing which inevitably helps us to be better stewards of the land that surrounds us. Every day each one of us can find inspiration in the beauty around us to make positive changes that will affect both our personal health and the health of the places we call home.

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