Four Recipes for Natural Cleaners You Can Make at Home

Cleaning products are a huge source of toxicity in the average home. Changing your cleaning supplies can greatly diminish your daily toxic exposures. This is important when you consider that common cleaner ingredients can impact our health! Chlorine, for example, can disrupt thyroid function. Fumes of many cleaning products are caustic irritating skin, eyes, and… Read more »

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Five Foods that Can Reduce Your Anxiety

Some foods can make your anxiety worse, while others can help relieve or prevent it to a certain extent.  Think about it, if the food you eat can impact hormone levels, brain chemistry, and immune system triggers, don’t you think it can heal you too? Try these 5 foods that can reduce your anxiety and… Read more »

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Mental Strategies for Attention Deficit Disorders

Having ADD or ADHD doesn’t mean mental focus isn’t possible.  We need to determine the strategies that work best for each individual.  You may find that the right combination of nutrition, exercise, and naturopathic therapies can make an ADD/ADHD a nonfactor. Many have found success with these scientifically-proven strategies for attention deficit disorders. Ready to… Read more »

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