Many of our illnesses stem from outside influences such as environmental toxicity (plastics, industrial chemicals, pesticides, electromagnetic radiation, heavy metals etc.), emotional toxicity (poor relationships, childhood traumas), deplete nutrients (processed and artificial foods, food preservatives, contaminated drinking water), situational stressors (financial, accidents, sedentary lifestyle). Most of these cannot be fixed with a single “pill” or medication.

Medications may slow disease progression or palliate symptoms, but they rarely get to the root of the problem. Conventional medicine typically has strong financial ties to the pharmaceutical industry. If nothing about conventional medicine changes, people will continue to spend a lot of money on disease without real long-term improvement in their physical, emotional, mental or spiritual health. Without permenant resolution of their medical conditions, people can become increasingly dependent on medications and medical procedures. This is not sustainable for the individual, the people around them or the world.

To be healthy, to feel well, to be happy is a whole body and mind experience that needs attention and understanding. Naturopathic medicine considers the whole person inside and out and uses a unique combination of therapies tailored to the condition and needs of every patient. It is a primary health care profession of high rigor that incorporates western and eastern healing modalities, scientific and empirical methodologies.

As a Naturopathic Doctor (ND), I look at each person individually to properly diagnose, treat and prevent disease while working to promote wellness and wellbeing. Through a natural medical approach, I help you permanently resolve chronic problems and improve your capacity for staving off the niggling health issues that plague so many, like colds and flu and stomach upset. You will feel ease and wellbeing inside your body, and you will acquire the knowledge needed for lifelong self-care.

When you begin to make more natural choices for your personal health then you will inevitably become aware of the toxicity that surrounds you and search for solutions to minimize the over arching problem. As an active consumer you will make the kinds of choices that extend healing to your family, your community, and the earth.

It takes both of us

For naturopathic medicine to be most effective, your active participation is required. Unlike conventional medical practices where something is done to you or you’re given something to take, naturopathic medicine involves prioritizing multiple healthy behaviors such as eating whole foods, moving the body, getting fresh air, laughing daily, resting the body, and drinking water daily. It involves removing personal roadblocks, correcting nutritional deficiencies, promoting optimal function of bodily systems, and being curious about the body and its various functions. It is an ongoing commitment to practicing self-care and self-love.

Is this always easy to do? No. But when we work together, I’ll give you the knowledge, the tools and the support to be successful with habitualizing healthy behaviors.

Meet Dr. Jennifer Silapie

As a Naturopathic Doctor, I use gentle but effective methods to help you resolve chronic issues and achieve a greater level of wellness. I approach each person individually, taking the time required to listen to their unique healthy story so that I can customize a personalized health care plan that will help them successfully treat and prevent illness. Through our work together you will gain the knowledge and confidence to practice lifelong self-care that will bring you into a sustainable state of wellbeing.

I believe personal health goes well beyond the person. If you desire a joyous life but feel stuck, my work will clear the obstacles. Ultimately my purpose is to help people discover, create, connect to and advance love—love for themselves, love for others and love for our planet—in their day-to-day lives.

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