Rethinking Health: How Heart Rate Variance Predicts Our Health

Did you know you have an internal predictor of your personal risk of developing future health problems, such as diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and metabolic syndrome? All you have to do it look toward your heart. Specifically, your heart rate variance. Your own personal heart rate variability (HRV) provides you a visual picture… Read more »

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Food Allergies vs. Sensitivities—Know the Difference?

There’s a lot of talk in health news today about “food allergies” and “food sensitivities.” Frequently, people use these terms interchangeably, not realizing they are actually two distinct conditions. In fact, at Mountain Sage Medicine, it’s not uncommon for me to hear new patients talk about being allergic to foods yet all initial signs point… Read more »

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Positive Dietary Change: Transform Stress to Success

Positive changes in personal dietary habits are unarguably a challenge. Yet it is the most consistent behavior modification I’ve seen transform people’s health and wellbeing. High quality food gives you the nutrients and energy that put the entire body and mind into action. Poor quality food is a significant source of inflammation and stress on… Read more »

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